Associated Artists : Mavis Staples : 1993

Studio album by Mavis Staples : The Voice

Released August 24, 1993

Recorded 1990-1993

Genre Soul

Length 54:44

Label Paisley Park

Producers : Prince, Bernard Belle, Rick Brown, Ivan Hampden, Kirk Johnson, Emmanuel Rahiem LeBlanc, Danny Madden, Ricky Peterson, Statik, J.D. Steele, Michael Stokes, Tom Tucker, Gordon Williams

Singles :

1. “Melody Cool”

2. “The Voice”

3. “Blood Is Thicker Than Time”

The Voice is an album by American soul singer Mavis Staples. This album was her second for Prince’s Paisley Park Records label and was released on August 24, 1993. The song “Melody Cool” from the 1990 film Graffiti Bridge appeared on this album as well as the movie soundtrack. The song “Positivity” is a cover of Prince’s version from the 1988 album Lovesexy.

Track listing:

 1. “The Voice” (4:14)

2. “House In Order” (4:44)

3. “Blood Is Thicker Than Time” (3:13)

4. “You Will Be Moved” (4:12)

5. “All Because Of You” (5:06)

6. “Undertaker” (7:26)

7. “Melody Cool” (3:46)

8. “Kain’t Turn Back” (4:03)

9. “I’ll Be Right There” (4:03)

10. “A Man Called Jesus” (3:56)

11. “Why” (4:27)

12. “Positivity” (4:34) 


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