Released:  4 February, 2013 (digital release)
Related album: None as of yet.
Label:  NPG Records / Purple Music
Recorded:  Paisley Park
Length  4:13

On January 23, 2013, a website,, was leaked on Twitter, which contains a lyric video of a new song called “Screwdriver”.On February 4, 2013, a second website, was announced via YouTube (and later Twitter), offering four new songs for online purchase. Screwdriver is a stand-alone released on swiss label Purple Music on 4 February, 2013. The single’s video was premiered at the launch of Prince’s official website on 22 January, 2013. Purple Music announced on their Facebook page on 25 January, 2013 that they would be servicing Prince’s song Screwdriver to radio stations.

At the time of writing, Screwdriver has been confirmed to be a digital release only; pre-orders were available on all major Amazon platforms, (except a few days prior release. It was made available on iTunes and on release date. It was also made available on on 5 February, 2013.
At the time of writing it is not known if this is intended to tie-in with any larger studio project, or will remain as a stand-alone single. Mixed by Jamie Lewis & Ben Muehlethaler at B-Note entertainment. Mastered by Jamie Lewis at the “J” Sunnyhill Switzerland. Published by NPG Records. © 2013 NPG Records. ℗ Purple Music.

The Video:
Screwdriver is the first Prince video to have been released through his website.
On 22 January, 2013 the video was premiered the same day as the launch of Prince’s new website: The video was streamed on the website via a private Vimeo account in HD format.
The video shows Prince singing, playing guitar and keyboards with Ida Nielsen on bass, Donna Grantis on guitar and Hannah Ford on drums, while the lyrics of the song are displayed on screen in various colors in a font typeface named ‘Meloriac’. The video also contains footage of a dancer.
The visuals have received a bi-color process treatment in black/yellow, black/purple, black/red, black/blue and black/green.


Everyday when I wake up
Gotta make up
Another reason to make it last, miss mistake up
If we break up
We smash guitars and shatter glass

But till the day that we do
I’m your driver, and you’re my screw

Everywhere that we go now, there’s a show now
People pay money for the rock ‘n’ roll
And the big wow
Before we bow
You can call me C.C. – Crowd Control

If you don’t want to, it’s cool
I’m your driver

Empty car on a fast train
In the driving rain
I can make you swear that you did some thang
What you don’t know
Won’t hurt you so
We got a long, long way to go

Might as well enjoy the view
I’m your driver, and you’re my screw

You said you were my screw

Sharing stories and cool clothes
And party toes
This is what life is like on the road
Never too high, never too low
That’s the only way to go

But right now, without further ado
I’m your driver, and you’re my screw

Counter-clockwise, turn you round
All you got to do is listen to the sound
Music never lies, you know its true
I ain’t even got to you know who
Time we got plenty of
Forever’s worth the wait when it comes to love

I’m your driver, and you’re my screw

Might as well enjoy the view
I’m your driver, and you’re my screw

Prince – lead vox, guitar, keyboards
Ida Nielsen – bass guitar
Hannah Ford – drums
Donna Grantis – guitar
Lala Escarzega – dancer
Jason Franzen – editing, titles


One thought on “ONLINE SINGLE – SCREWDRIVER 2013

  1. Loving this track so much. Prince sounds like he’s having fun right now, and who wouldn’t be with all thoise new girls in the band?

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